Predator Control for
Hunt Clubs


Are Bobcats killing your turkeys, beavers clogging your drains, raccoons eating your duck eggs, otters destroying your fish ponds, and coyotes hunting your deer? If you hunt, own and manage a hunt club, or lease your land to hunters and are tired of these animals making it harder for your members to have a quality hunting experience, there is a solution – reliable and affordable predator control.

Predator control for hunt clubs can be accomplished through a variety of means. Trapping is the best, the proven strategy of limiting predators like coyotes and bobcats, and should be a regular part of your hunt club management plan.

Choose the wrong trapper though and these smart animals quickly learn to avoid poorly laid traps, so hiring trappers with experience is critical for success.

Ensure successful predator trapping for hunt clubs

With over 40 years of experience on the trap line working with farmers, homeowner associations and county surveyors, Tom Morelock has put that knowledge and experience to the test by aiding hunt clubs to successfully manage their predator populations in Arkansas, Mississippi, and Missouri.

Engaging Morelock Wildlife Control will have two trappers Tom Morelock and Jim Tate at your location for a month to six weeks, providing top-notch professional trapping services with all the traps and equipment needed to catch any problem animals. We hit your problem areas hard and fast and ensure the best quality trapping sets you up for success.

We service the following states:

  • Indiana
  • Mississippi
  • Texas
  • Louisiana
  • Missouri
  • Arkansas

Typical wildlife we trap and remove for hunt clubs:

  • Coyotes
  • Bobcats
  • Fox
  • Raccoons
  • Opossums
  • Beaver
  • Otter
  • Mink (crawfish farmers hate them & otters)
  • Nutria

Need help managing unwanted predators for your hunt club?

Meet the expert trappers

Tom Morelock

Owner Morelock Wildlife Control
Email: longspring1987@gmail.com
Phone: 765-860-3991

  • Have been trapping since 1979.
  • Life member of National Trappers Assoc., Indiana State Trappers Assoc
  • Member of Fur Takers of America.
  • Member of American Mountain Men (AMM) Hiveranno degree (membership by invitation only).
  • Past President of Indiana State Trappers.
  • Past board member of National Trappers Assoc.
  • Past Booshway (President) of the Indiana party of the American Mountain Men
  • Past Grand council member of the American Mountain Men serving as Booshway of the Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania Brigade.
  • F&AM 690
  • Indiana Department of Natural resources state Certified Trapper Education Instructor since 1994.
  • Instructor at 2021 Fur Takers of America Professional Trappers College.
  • Indiana State Trappers Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Mentor for Indiana State Trappers Mentor program
  • Indiana DNR state licensed for Indiana Nuisance Wildlife Control since 1999
  • Insured for commercial wildlife work
  • Past member of Indiana DNR fish and wildlife committee.
  • Beaver removal expert for Hamilton, Tipton, Johnson and Boone counties in Indiana.
  • Predator control for Hamilton County Indiana airport
  • Have done predator control for hunt clubs in Mississippi, Arkansas and Missouri.
  • Have done beaver removal for watershed committee in Arkansas.
  • Do muskrat control for Home Owner Associations (HOA) and golf clubs all over Hamilton, Boone, Marion, Johnson and Hendricks Counties in Indiana.
  • Have done/do trapping demos/presentations at National Trappers Association, FurTakers of America, Indiana State Trappers, Michigan Trappers Association, Illinois Trappers Association, conventions AMM rendezvous and Indiana Nuisance Wildlife classes.
  • Have written many trapping articles for the following magazines: Trapper’s World, The American Trapper, The Fur Taker, Trapper’s Post and The Tomahawk & Long Rifle.

Jim Tate

Wolfen Baits and Lures
Phone: 810-691-7284

  • Professional trapper for 20 years
  • Owns and operates Wolfen Baits and Lures – one of the best predator bait and lure makers on the market today, which are used by professional trappers all across the country
  • Predator control in both the lower and upper peninsula of Michigan
  • Beaver control for Lake State Railroad, CN railroad, several county drain commissions
  • Professional nuisance trapper for nuisance wildlife in Michigan for 5 years
  • Trapper of the Year in 2021 by the Michigan Trappers Association
  • Member of Michigan Trappers Association Board of Directors
  • Active member of the National Trappers Association, Fur Takers of America and the Mississippi Trappers Association
  • Predator control and beaver removal for hunt clubs in Mississippi and Missouri for 14 years
  • Trapping demonstrations at the National Trappers Association and Fur Takers of America as well as several state and local trapping conventions all over the country

See Tom & Jim in action

  • Tom Morelock
    These animals are smart and quickly learn to avoid poorly laid traps. Stop the problems before they start with trap-shy animals by hiring experienced trappers. I personally will be at your location with one of the best trappers I know to ensure we meet your needs. I’m confident we can help you but don’t take my word for it. I’m attaching two resumes’ outlining the experience of myself and my trapping partner. We take trapping so seriously we felt a resume absolutely was necessary. Once you’re done, take a minute and drop us a line to let us know your most pressing needs. Want to learn more see Morelock Wildlife Control at morelockwildlife.com or contact Tom Morelock directly at 765-860-3991, longspring1987@gmail.com or Jim Tate at 810-691-7284 to discuss your needs and how we can help you.
    Tom Morelock
    Owner of Morelock Wildlife Control

We’re here to assist your hunt club with predator control! Ready to get started?